Tuesday, September 29

Don't you shiver.

It feels good to draw again.

But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes

Looking forward to my day off tomorrow and a night out tomorrow night. That should be good.
I want to take more pictures again. Might take my camera for a day out of its cupboard tomorrow.
One day i'll find out what it is that i'm waiting for, it'll probably be the day that i'm not waiting any more. Is it only me ?
Oh it's hard to tell you this. Here's lookin' at you kid.

Monday, September 28

Funny old world, funny old me

Today has been a sombre day. Not sure why.

Sunday, September 27

List of things to do today.

I'm feeling really organised. Got some new food in so i can plan meals and i'm definitely eating in if i eat at all tonight, gonna do my homework for prof for my tuesday seminar and sort my shit out about where i have to be for my lectures and things tomoro.
Later on i'm gonna work out how far my food will take me and what i still need to buy or pick up from home and then suss how far this £70 will take me and how much i have spare.
Big grown up girl now.